Intimate Cabaret Magic

Amazing Cabaret Magic with Visual Beauty and Sophistication

Cabaret Magic, also known as Parlour Magic, is an intimate, skilful and classy type of close-up magic but on a bigger scale. Suitable for small venues and private events throughout the UK.


Watch as Dean performs some of his manipulation style magic as seen in his cabaret act.


What is Cabaret Magic?

Cabaret magic can be thought of as a cross between close up magic and a stage magic performance. While close up magic is ideal for small groups of people, cabaret magic is more suited to small audiences of around 20-50 people. The type of venue is also important. Small banquet rooms, often found in hotels and country houses, are perfect.

Cabaret Magic

Dean and his partner Claudine present their cabaret magic in a classy, engaging and entertaining way. They bring to the occasion all the sophistication and visual beauty of manipulation using crystals, thimbles and candles complete with backdrops, PA and lighting. Their performance is packed full of beautiful magic.

So, think small but spectacular for your event. Dean will, if he feels it appropriate for your parlour event, also talk about the magic he presents. He will share with your guests some of the details of what goes on behind the scenes to achieve his magic. But, alas, he doesn’t tell you how he does it! That’s for you to guess and wonder my friends.

And wonder you will!

Suitable venues

The closer your venue matches the elegance and refinement of Dean and Claudine’s parlour performance the better for everyone. Anywhere such as upmarket drawing rooms, small banquet rooms, private clubs, private dining areas for sophisticated audiences throughout the UK.

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Looking for Grand Stage Magic?

Dean and Claudine’s grander show called Illuminaire has been honed and perfected for your pleasure over many years. Sophisticated and beautiful, it will astonish you as candles ignite and chandeliers illuminate before your eyes..


Dean And Claudine With Magic Chandelier