Close-up Magic

Dean Metcalfe: Close Up Magician For Hire Across the UK

Dean Metcalfe started perfecting his close up magician act over 30 years ago, initially just for friends and family. But over the years, he got so good at it that he turned professional and, to this day, remains one of the most sought-after close-up magicians in the UK.

Dean is available for hire at private events such as weddings, corporate entertainment and sporting events.

Close-up Magician Dean Metcalfe

Weaving a Spell of Visual Disbelief

Dean regularly receives requests to perform his amazing close up magic at various private events for adult and family audiences. And after 3 decades of perfecting his magic, there is no one better. Moreover, because Dean is so innovative, his performances are as fresh today as they were 30-odd years ago.

At your own event, you will clearly want your guests to be entertained, enthralled and enthused. By hiring Dean as the close-up magician, you will be guaranteed all these things and more!

What just happened?

Coins glimmer and fade, flames and cigarettes disappear, everyday objects emerge from nowhere and slip away unseen. And your guests will be gasping and shaking their heads in disbelief.

Moreover, they’ll be left wondering for weeks and months afterwards how on earth Dean managed to do all those brilliant tricks right before their very eyes.

And here’s another thing. Dean has been the Magician’s choice to perform for his peers many times. And if magicians are impressed, just think how stunned your guests will be!


What is a close-up magician?

This short video shows some live footage of Dean performing magic at corporate and wedding events.

A close-up magician performs a type of magic that is up close and personal. In other words, the magician performs just inches from your eyes. Visual illusions, misdirection and sleight of hand are all part of the performance. The magician uses everyday objects in his illusion – objects such as keys, rings, lighters, wallets and coins.

By its very nature, the skill of the close up magician is very much in focus here. Guests watching every move he or she makes feeling certain they will discover how it’s all done. But top magicians like Dean Metcalfe never give anything away. And that’s what makes close-up magic all the more intriguing and fascinating! How do they do it!?

Close-up magic can be performed when and where required, usually in a mix and mingle style or at table settings.

Table Magic

If your event is largely in a table setting, then Dean’s table magic is ideal. This is a slightly different type of close-up magic requiring Dean to be more of a stand-up entertainer. It also tends to be more visual in performance. No-one wants to miss out on the action, so Dean plays to everyone around the table.

It is, after all, only fair that everyone gets to be equally gobsmacked!


Table Magic and Clapping Audience

Mix and Mingle Magic

At some events, your guests may be standing around for a while. This could be desirable (e.g. drinks) or a necessary part of the day’s event (e.g. waiting for photos at weddings). Whatever the reason, it presents a wonderful opportunity for Dean to mix and mingle. Here, Dean will socialise and engage with guests and dazzle them with close-up magic right under their noses. He will skilfully perform a little magic leaving his small audience stunned. Even the most sceptical of people are usually impressed!

Mix And Mingle Magic

Close-up Magic Performances

Suitable Venues

Dean’s close-up magic act is ideal for venues such as golf clubs, racecourse grounds, country houses and even offices. Prestigious venues (e.g. Banking Hall London) suit Dean’s style perfectly but as long as there’s sufficient room, that’ll do nicely. By all means give Dean a ring and he’ll be happy to advise you on the most appropriate format for your event.

Performance Times

1 hour and 30 minutes for audience of 80+ or 2 hours for audience of 120+.


May I add that you were the star of the show!! Everyone thought you were amazing, unfortunately I was too busy running around to see you – but thank you so very much. . .

Jane Richards

Priors Marston Annual Ball, Warwickshire

I just wanted to get in touch with you and say thank you for coming to our event on Thursday. Everyone was very impressed with your demonstrations and they are all still wondering how you did it. It was a great contribution to the event.

Emma Calvert

Events Co-ordinator, TheCityUK