A Different Class of Magic


What makes Dean different than other magicians?

Crystals Parlour MagicSo. You’re looking for a professional magician. You’ve probably been scouring the internet and will no doubt have seen that there’s quite a few around. Plenty to choose from you would think. A magician is a magician after all, right? Well no. No more so than a builder is a builder or an actor is an actor.


Seeing as you’re scouring the internet, take a good look at the magician’s website. How much effort has gone into it? Is it up to date? Does it tell you enough about their types of performances? Are there any testimonials?

It should be obvious from one quick look at Dean’s website that a huge amount of effort has gone into it. All the promotional photos and videos take time and cost money. They also take a lot of thinking about. As does assembling all the other content. But that’s Dean through and through. He puts 100% into everything he does. Take a look at his testimonials for further proof.

Performance Style & Audience

You should be able to tell what type of audience a magician targets and get a good feel for his/her style. One quick look at Dean’s website should tell you that he likes to perform magic for adult audiences. Not only that, his audiences are likely to be professional business people, guests at an exclusive wedding or guests at any upmarket event.

Dean’s is a very classy performance.

Passion & Experience

What ultimately makes Dean different from many other magicians is that magic is not just a job to him. It’s not just a means of income. It is, first and foremost, a passion and he’s put his heart and soul into it from a very early age. He’s also toured the world in the process. For many newer, younger magicians, magic is something they do as a second job. A bit of extra income.

With Dean, you’ll be getting the ultimate professional magician with unrivalled passion and with over 30 years’ experience.

A magician still very much at the top of his game.


Why hire the close-up magician Dean Metcalfe?

Different Class Of MagicDean’s close up magic is like watching an artist paint or a composer write. His fluidity of sleight of hand only derives from countless years of perfecting his art.

Dean is not just another magician with the usual thousand card tricks. There’s so much more here as coins glimmer and fade, everyday objects emerge from nowhere and slip away unseen. His artistry and professionalism will leave your guests truly astounded as he weaves a spell of disbelief right before their eyes. Dean truly is the master manipulator.


Why hire the The Magic of Dean for Stage Performances?

Magic CandleabraWhen Dean teams up with his lifelong partner Claudine, they become The Magic of Dean. Hire the Magic of Dean and Claudine if you are looking for a more refined stage act with a touch of elegance and style.

This is a magical experience with a difference. Most corporate or stage magicians offer a similar type of act – stand up with gags etc, but Dean brings a completely unrivalled performance. The kind of performance you can only expect from someone who has devoted their whole life to their art. In other words, a true professional magician.

Dean’s stage show is a self-contained, mini-spectacular performance that’s uniquely set with lighted candles, crystals and shimmering chandeliers. Brilliant, highly visual manipulation with no dull or awkward moments or jokes that can fall flat. Your guests will marvel at the brilliance of their performance and know they have witnessed a classy, professional show. They will be talking about The Deans long after the last drop of champagne has been drunk!

This is truly A Different Class of Magic!