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They watched in



as 'Magic by Candlelight' transformed their evening into something remarkable

When you think of magic do you imagine a big overproduced show with a comic magician doing a couple of tricks? If you do, stop reading now. This magical event is not for you!

But… … if you want a more classy, upmarket, and intimate magic show that focuses on the magic, not the fluff … if you want you and your guests to be transfixed by the close-up magic unfurling in front of their eyes … if you want to create a special evening of magic and intimate entertainment full of *gasps* and *wow’s*, you’re in the right place.

Dean has often appeared with celebrities or large corporate private events, but now, with Magic by Candlelight, Dean's classical style of magic is available for almost all to witness.

Private Events

An extra special visual experience to add more class and grandeur to your party.

Corporate Events

A sophisticated and intimate classic-magic show for your corporate event.

Restaurants & Hotels

Magic themed evenings for classy and upmarket establishments to boost bookings.



Relax in the Pavilion's refurbished Sun Deck Suite and bar during an intimate evening of close-up amazement from a world-renowned magician.

Dean's Magic by Candlelight will astound you as he weaves an astonishing spell of visual disbelief right before your eyes, which will leave you screaming “Show me that again!”


Dean's Magic by Candlelight will transport you back to a time and place that magic was revered.  

Have you witnessed the tantalising fluidity of his magic-speaking hands? This master manipulator, perfector of his own spectacular close-up magic will weave a spell of visual disbelief right before your eyes as flames appear and disappear, coins glimmer and fade and objects emerge from nowhere and slip away unseen and will leave you screaming “show me that again”.

Magic by Candlelight is a feast for your eyes set in a romantic low lit environment. With the right mood set, you'll experience a complete visually astounding magical performance.  After you’ve said “Ooooo” many times… Dean will close off the evening with a short Q&A.

Close-up Magician Dean Metcalfe

Magic by Candlelight promises to make your magical event more interactive and a wow-inducing memorable occasion.


What set-up is required for this event? Do I need to provide anything?

Dean just needs the space to set up all my equipment and staging. You don’t need to provide anything. I’ll bring lighting, backdrops etc.

What makes Magic by Candlelight different from other magicians for hire?

Magic by Candlelight is all about getting intimate with the skill and magic. It’s not about being showy and loud. It's a sophisticated performance that is visually astonishing.

What sort of event is Magic by Candlelight suited for?

Dean can perform Magic by Candlelight at any indoor venue for private and corporate events. Magic by Candlelight is also perfect for upmarket restaurants and hotels that want to put on a classy magic event to increase midweek and evening bookings.

What is the maximum group size for Magic by Candlelight?

Due to the intimate and close-up nature of Magic by Candlelight, it is suited best for groups of up to around 50 guests.
Larger audiences up to 150 guests can be accommodated using additional magicians.

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