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Amazing Stage and Cabaret Magic with Visual Beauty and Sophistication

Dean Metcalfe: Stage and Cabaret Magician

Cabaret Magic

The top-class cabaret magic performed by Dean Metcalfe is only made possible through years of dedication and practice. Having won numerous international awards for his expertise, Dean presents cabaret magic to the public as well as fellow magicians. He uses it as a means of teaching skills to those new to the art.

Furthermore, Dean often combines cabaret magic with humorous after-dinner speaking during which he regales tales from the road.

Here’s Dean in action.

What is Dean’s Intimate Cabaret Performance?

Dean has perfected a truly unique show especially for the more intimate room in a classy, engaging and entertaining way. He features the sophistication and visual beauty of manipulation using anything from candles and crystals to other manipulations of magic. This he presents as a more visual experience, but, he can also present it in an after-dinner speaking style. It is a unique show that Dean describes as a grander performance of close up magic that the public love so much today and is suitable for smaller audiences.


Suitable venues

The type of venue is important. Small drawing rooms and banquet rooms, often found in hotels and country houses, are perfect, as are private clubs and private dining areas. The closer your venue matches the elegance and refinement of Dean and Claudine’s parlour performance the better for everyone.

Stage Magic Thimbles

Illuminaire – Our International Stage Show

A Daring, Exciting Visual Experience of Magic Illusions, Music & Flames

Dean Metcalfe is an outstanding illusionist and one of the most polished and skilled magicians in Europe. Together with his lifelong partner Claudine, his award-winning stage magic is unique in every way. Performing as THE MAGIC OF ILLUMINAIRE, the duo are available to hire for engagements throughout the UK, Europe and worldwide. Illuminaire has been honed and perfected for your pleasure over many years. Sophisticated and beautiful, it will astonish you as candles ignite and chandeliers illuminate before your eyes.

Stage Magic Illusions with Astonishing Visual Manipulation

It really doesn’t get any better than this! The Magic of Illuminaire is an international stage magic experience without equal, crammed with jaw-dropping illusions. Dean and Claudine’s sophisticated and beautiful magic illusions show called Illuminaire has been honed and perfected over many years. And it will astonish you as candles ignite and chandeliers illuminate before your eyes. But, just when you think it can’t get any better, The Magic of Illuminaire reveal their closing act, a breathtaking finale to their full Illuminaire show.

Firebox Illusion Stage Magic

The duo can present their illusion magic show in various length acts. Their short but hard hitting 10-minute performance is ideal for awards nights or corporate events which may feature other entertainment. On the other hand, their full half-hour visual show is completely self-contained with lighting, PA and backdrops. And it doesn’t matter if you’re based in the UK, Europe or even further afield.

Like What You’ve Seen?

Well take a look at this for some stunning live stage magic illusions.

Over 30 Years of Dean and Claudine

Dean and Claudine were the number one magic act at the major elite cabaret clubs in the 1980s. Places such as Ceasars Palace, The Lakeside, Blazers, Newmarket Cabaret Club and Savvas. Furthermore, they would often be asked to support stars such as Hale and Pace, Cliff Richard, Billy Connolly, Freddie Starr and many more.

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Dean And Claudine With Hale And Pace
Dean Claudine With Cliff Richard
Dean and Claudine with Billy Connolly