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High Class Stage Magic for the Sophisticated

Stage Magic with Astonishing Visual Manipulation

The brilliant magic act of these two cut-glass artists will never cease to amaze you.

Available for performances in London, the South East and throughout the UK.

Stage magicians with magic chandelier

Mind-blowing visual skill of manipulation, set to magnificent music and all superbly adapted for the stage or dance floor. All the ingredients for a refined and exclusive magical experience you’ll never forget.

Dean’s and Claudine’s act has been honed and perfected for your pleasure over many years. Sophisticated and beautiful, it will astonish you as candles ignite and chandeliers illuminate before your eyes.

Watch closely and dare to believe what you think you can see. Did you really just see that? Surely not. That’s impossible. Isn’t it?

Oh the joy and the mystery of magic. But this is no ordinary magic.

This is The Magic of Dean!

While many magicians can and do perform stage magic, very few do so with the same elegance and beauty of The Magic of Dean. This is stage magic at its very best!


What is Stage Magic?

Stage magic is magic that is more suited to being performed on a stage. However, a stage is not always necessary and magic can – and often is – performed on a dance floor, in banquet halls or in ball rooms. Stage magic makes greater use of props and is suitable for larger audiences. Frequently, the magician will also have an assistant to help and even take part in the performance. Probably the most important aspects in such settings are lighting, sound system and backdrop which all help to enhance visual effects.

Consequently, for a highly visual experience such as performed by The Magic of Dean, the setting/mood for shows is crucial! And that leads us to a very important point regarding stage magic. Very few magicians can present magic with the same theatrical visual style as performed by The Magic of Dean. The reason for this is simply that it needs a very high degree of skill and dedication. Only a professional magician like Dean Metcalfe, who has devoted his life to magic, can successfully pull this off. With Dean and his wife and assistant Claudine, there’s no boring, long-winded patter which you will often find in other acts. Just pure, stunningly beautiful visual magic!

Stage Magic Thimbles

Our stage magic performance – all you need to know

This stage magic is meant for a larger audience, one that can identify with the refined and elegant style in which Dean and Claudine deliver their unique performance. It involves the use of unique and original chandelier productions backed by beautifully scored music to produce a very classy performance. You will also see manipulation of candles, crystals and, if your venue is suitable, flames!

Great for after-dinner entertainment, awards nights, gala balls and the more intimate banqueting rooms and country manors. Also available for Black Tie Events, company celebrations and weddings.

Parlour Magic

You may sometimes come across the term “Parlour Magic”. Parlour magic can be thought of as a cross between mix and mingle magic and stage magic. It is suitable for audiences of around 20 people in, say, a small banquet room often found in hotels. Since the magician is effectively mingling with a larger group of people than would normally be the case, the result is a stage-like performance. However, the magician will need to be in full command of his audience and to be precise with his timings. Therefore, parlour magic is generally only performed by seasoned professional magicians such as Dean Metcalfe.

Suitable venues

A large dance floor is best or a stage area of 15ft x 12ft minimum.

Ideally, your chosen venue would need to match the classy, sophisticated performance delivered by Dean and Claudine. Venues such as top hotels, theatres and country mansions would be a perfect fit for this act.

Dean and Claudine have performed their stage magic at top notch venues in London, the South East and across the UK. These venues have included Intercontinental Hotel Park Lane London, Grosvenor Hotel London, Oatlands Park Hotel Weybridge Surrey, Hilton Hotel Cobham Surrey, The Metropole Hotel Brighton, Newmarket Racecourse Suffolk, Hilton Hotel Watford Hertfordshire, Ettington Park Hotel Warwickshire as well as Kings Theatre Glasgow and the Turnberry Hotel Ayrshire in Scotland.

When matched with high class venues such as these, Dean and Claudine’s stage magic performance is absolutely unbeatable.

Performance Times

10 minutes, 15 minutes or 30 minutes.

Other performances by The Magic of Dean

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