Dean Metcalfe Wedding Magician

Have you considered hiring a wedding magician for entertainment on your big day?

Dean Metcalfe performs his unique, classy magic at weddings throughout the UK.

Wedding entertainment – keeping your guests happy

Weddings are one of life’s big events and all couples naturally want their day to be a memorable occasion. Above all, the most important thing is that the happy couple are . . . happy!

However, for guests, weddings can mean a lot of waiting around and for them, the day can be quite frustrating. There’s usually not much for them to do . . . except drink booze!

Fortunately, there is a very simple and brilliant solution. Hire Dean Metcalfe – one of the most gifted and experienced wedding magicians in the business!

And that’s exactly what Neil Reading did. Mr Reading is PR Manager for John Cleese, Ben Elton, Dawn French, Jennifer Saunders and Lenny Henry amongst others. And yet, with all the amazing show business celebrities Mr Reading knows, he chose Dean to entertain his guests.

Couples are increasingly turning to wedding magicians to keep their guests entertained. In fact, many wedding planners now recommend this. It’s the ideal way to let your guests know that they’re an important part of your wedding with the added bonus of not having to worry about keeping them waiting!

Dean Metcalfe about to dazzle guests at a wedding at Shustoke Barns, Warwickshire

How can a wedding magician keep guests entertained?

Hiring a top-class wedding magician like Dean Metcalfe will add a greater sense of occasion, individuality and class to your day. No longer is your wedding just a wedding. It’s an event. It’s entertainment. A good wedding magician like Dean knows when to mix and mingle with guests and show them some magic. Throughout the day, there are a few opportunities where a wedding magician can make a big difference.

Wedding photos

This presents an excellent opportunity for some close-up magic to keep guests entertained. It can take a long time for wedding photos to be completed, during which time guests are usually at a bit of a loose end. However, having a wedding magician to mix and mingle with guests can be brilliant at breaking the ice and of relieving the boredom. All of a sudden, that wedding breakfast doesn’t seem so far away!

Evening Reception

Another great opportunity to break the ice and keep your guests happy. Receptions usually start off quite slowly but a good wedding magician like Dean will liven things up no end. He’ll visit each table, engage with his small audience and get everyone relaxed and more involved. He’ll dazzle them with his unforgettable magic and then move onto the next table. Now your guests will all have something in common to talk about. Your reception will be buzzing in no time.

Dean performing magic and keeping wedding guests entertained

Dean Metcalfe – for superbly engaging wedding entertainment

Hiring Dean for your own wedding entertainment

Such is Dean’s experience as a wedding magician, he will naturally tailor his performance to suit your occasion.

At key parts of the day, Dean will circulate, socialise and, most importantly, entertain your guests with his brilliant magic. This allows you to carry on being the centre of attention safe in the knowledge that Dean is keeping everyone else entertained.

So, if you want your wedding to be memorable and if you want your guests to have a great time, then hire Dean Metcalfe – one of the best wedding magicians in the business.

He is available for hire at weddings across the South Coast, South East and London. He has, however, been known to travel further afield so please contact him to discuss your own requirements.

Wedding At Taplow House Buckinghamshire


Here’s just one testimonial from a couple that hired Dean as wedding magician on their special day.

Thank you so much for last night, I had many comments this morning about how fantastic the magician was. Sorry didn’t get a chance to say bye but thank you again for entertaining our guests.

Natasha & Daniel

Private Wedding, Taplow House, Buckinghamshire - 23rd July 2016