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Dean Metcalfe
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Want to hire a magician for your event? Then book the best and experience a different class of magic!

Dean Metcalfe performs a classy, visual style of magic with a flair few other magicians can match.

His sleight-of-hand close-up magic has to be seen to be believed and is ideal for smaller groups and mix and mingle settings. Dean’s Cabaret Magic Show is great for smaller room settings, while his Illuminaire Show brings his brilliant stage magic – and  assistant Claudine – to audiences across the world.

Top Magician for Your Special Events

Magician Dean Metcalfe can be engaged to perform his close up magic and stage shows at your special event. Whether it be a corporate event, awards night, after dinner entertainment, private party, sporting event or even a wedding, Dean Metcalfe is the magic ingredient you need.

The Magic of Dean – The Professional Magician

Having been a professional magician for over 3 decades, Dean is a master of the art of magic. And yet, ever the perfectionist, he is always looking to innovate and improve what is already perfect. So, if you’re planning an event and want your guests to be utterly amazed, Dean is the magician for you.

When you hire Dean, his magic will leave guests stunned. How does he do it? Coins glimmer and fade, flames and cigarettes disappear, everyday objects emerge from nowhere and slip away unseen. Right before their very eyes.

Give your corporate function a buzz with a little magic

Corporate events are not always the most interesting of occasions, so organisers usually look for some kind of entertainment to liven things up. And what better way of livening things up than by hiring a top class magician? Not only will your guests be transfixed by the magic of Dean, you’ll find that your event gets a new buzz. Above all, your event is much more likely to be a success. Dean’s magic also makes for great after-dinner entertainment too.

Magician for special events everywhere

Dean Metcalfe can be hired for private events right across the country. In addition to corporate functions, Dean can be engaged to perform his magic at awards nights, private parties, sporting events, weddings and gala balls. In fact, whatever your occasion, if you’re looking for top class event entertainment, Dean Metcalfe is the magician for you.

A different class of magic!


Magician Dean Metcalfe Looking Pleased With Himself

Here’s Dean looking rather pleased with himself. As well he might considering the look on his “victim’s” face in the background. Dean never gets tired of reactions like these.


“You were a class act Dean! Thank you – I think you created a great atmosphere and I heard only really complimentary comments.”

Pre-World Cup Gala Dinner – Sponsored by PayPal

Watch Dean As He Dazzles His Audience

Take a look at some live magic action from Dean. See real reactions from people who are simply can’t believe what they are seeing!

Ready for More?

If you want a classy, award-winning magician, hire Dean Metcalfe today!

Get in touch with Dean now and get your unique magic experience under way. You won’t regret it!


“Thank you so much for last night, I had many comments this morning about how fantastic the magician was.”

Natasha & Daniel, Private Wedding

Street Magic In Madagascar 1988

And you probably thought street magic was a relatively new thing. Here’s a young Dean doing some street magic for locals in Madagascar in 1988!

Corporate Magician Dean Metcalfe Doing Close-up Magic at a Business Event

The magician has got them all captivated! Dean performing magic at a corporate function.

Dean performing magic and keeping wedding guests entertained

Dean is seen here entertaining guests with a bit of close-up magic.

Corporate Magic At Woburn Abbey

Corporate events are the perfect environment for Dean’s magic.