The Magic of Dean
The Magic of Dean

From Captivating Close-Up Magic
to Lavish Stage Shows

Dean Metcalfe
A different class of magic

Rediscover the True Elegance of Magic

Add a touch of mystique to your events with Dean Metcalfe, master in the art of magic.
  • Candid close-up magic for professional or private mix-and-mingle functions.
  • Cabaret-style magic shows for small to medium venues and after-dinner entertainment
  • Artful and elegant stage show for large venues and corporate events

Whether he’s on stage in front of an audience or performing close-up sleight-of-hand feats within a crowd, Dean has a meticulously crafted visual flair that few other magicians can match. With a storied showbiz career spanning over 3 decades, Dean’s magic never fails to elicit delight and disbelief in equal measure.

Based in the south, Dean is seen regularly performing across Hampshire/Dorset, the Channel Islands and his hometown of London.

Dean is available to perform Corporate events, awards ceremonies, after-dinner entertainment, gala functions, private celebrations, and everything in between.

Dean is a personable, award-winning illusionist whose adept, mystical finesse has to be seen to be disbelieved.


Sophisticated, Cabaret-Style Magic Show

If you’re looking for a show that brings the theatricality of international magic to a smaller stage, then Dean’s Cabaret-style magic show isn’t one to miss.

Skilled illusionist Dean puts on a performance that oozes style and sophistication. Your guests will be transfixed by the ease by which Dean appears to manipulate reality through silks, coins, candles, and more.

This engaging, after-dinner-style performance is ideal for smaller, more intimate functions and venues of up to 100 people.

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Mesmerising Close-Up Magic

Coins glimmer and disappear into the ether. Everyday objects slip away unseen, only to emerge again from seemingly nowhere. Dean’s stunning magical prowess isn’t just reserved for the stage; he’s also a master of close-up illusion.

Whether you’re looking to bring icebreaking splendour to a corporate event or add an unforgettable, arcane flair to a private function, you won’t be disappointed with Dean’s mesmerising style.

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World-Class Illusionist: Why Hire Dean

So why choose Dean? Well, he’s an award-winning magician who has performed all over the world. His magic exudes class without being aloof, keeping performances suitable for all kinds of events and venues. Dean’s acts have attracted critical acclaim over the years, receiving high praise from audiences  and fellow magicians alike

Though Dean is an adept illusionist and a natural performer, he understands the practical side of running an evening’s entertainment. For their stage shows, Dean and Claudine bring all of their own props, backdrop, PA systems, music, and lighting - reducing the stress on venue management.

And after three decades of performing, Dean of course retains an unwavering passion for the craft.


For professional or private mix-and-mingle functions.


“You were a class act Dean! Thank you – I think you created a great atmosphere and I heard only really complimentary comments.”

Pre-World Cup Gala Dinner – Sponsored by PayPal

“You were simply magical! Thanks so much for coming to the studio. The audience response has been overwhelming.”

BRFM Live TV - Internet & Radio Broadcast

“We have had people raving about you as being one of the highlights of their night! You have no idea what a massive difference you made!”

The Golden Thread Ball - Banking Hall London


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