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A Life In Magic

A Dean & Claudine Story

Our Story

Dean, here we are – putting together your story for the benefit of your website visitors. And what a story it is! You really are the Master Magician … and you really have dazzled, amazed, astonished and entertained audiences across the world. Tell us – how did your magical journey begin?

“Well, I started practising close-up magic at a very young age – often performing in front of sell-out audiences of two – my parents! Then, at 15, I won the Magic Circle’s Young Magician of the Year. This really launched my career as a magician.”

That’s impressive! What happened next?

“I started performing solo acts and was doing cabaret shows on the island of Jersey. It was here that I had the luckiest break of my career. I met Claudine. Straight away, we hit it off and developed a sensual double act that became our trademark around the UK’s top nightclubs.”

Intriguing. Tell us more.

“It was definitely a unique experience – one that raised eyebrows, but it was all in good fun. We then started incorporating flames and candles into our performances – adding to the visual spectacle.”

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Our Story

Wow! That must have been quite a show. As the years went by, how did your act evolve?

Claudine and I took our act to other parts of the world, performing in casinos, nightclubs, and theatres. We started performing on cruise ships too. Our act became classier and more sophisticated, but we never deserted our core values of entertainment.

You’re not just a performer, though. You’re also a teacher of magic. Can you tell us more about that?

“Sure - I’ve always been involved in magic conventions and would often teach and demonstrate my skills with manipulation items like coins, cards, thimbles, and candles. I’ve also made teaching videos for fellow magicians, including my award-winning floating ball routine and the classic Chinese Linking Rings.”

So, Dean - you’ve enjoyed a long and successful career as a magician. How do you preserve that energy and passion after all these years?

“It’s never left me, and it never will. Magic has given me so much. I still love performing close-up magic and illusions, but now I also perform as a wedding and corporate magician. What keeps me going is my passion for and commitment to perfection. Whether I’m performing at a small event or a large stage show, I always pay attention to the details and strive to bring ever more sophistication to my performances.”

Our Story

Interviewer: Well, it sounds like you’ve had a fascinating career and have brought joy to countless audiences over the years. Thank you for sharing your story with us, Dean.

And is it fair to say that you’ve worked alongside some of the world’s biggest stars?

“Yes, it’s true. Claudine and I are truly privileged. We’ve worked with stage royalty! Billy Connolly and Cliff Richard to name just two. There’s no doubt that our life of magic has made us countless friends. We feel blessed to have been able to bring so much pleasure to so many thousands of people.”

So there we have it! A remarkable story of a remarkable man.

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The History of Dean Meredith Metcalfe

Our Story

Dean Meredith – From Humble Beginnings

Following a childhood spent practising close-up magic in front of his parents, London magician Dean Meredith quickly rose to the very pinnacle of his profession.

At just 15 years of age, Dean won the Young Magician of the Year, the youngest-ever winner awarded by the prestigious Magic Circle in London.

As a result, he was soon stunning audiences across the world with his cut-glass performances.

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Dean and Claudine – A New Sensual Act

The Dean Meredith solo act was soon to become a double act. While he was performing in a cabaret on the island of Jersey one time, he met a girl called Claudine and the two became inseparable.

With Claudine by his side, a new and most sensual act developed that raised more than a few eyebrows. They were quickly in demand as the No. 1 speciality act at top UK nightclubs.

The Dean & Claudine double-act became a huge success and they worked every major top nightclub around with their daring sensual visual experience.

Soon, they would be touring across Europe and the Far East with their unique act.

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Our Story

Dean and Claudine – An International Act

As the major nightclubs closed in the UK in the 1980's, Dean and Claudine took their shows to many other parts of the world - performing at casinos, nightclubs and theatres and much later on cruise ships.

Here pictured in the early 90's for their shows at the Casino Royal in France, a much more classier image developed, using flames and candles which are still very much part of their show today.

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The Magic of Teaching

Right from a young age, Dean Meredith was a regular feature at Magician’s Magic Conventions. As well as performing, he would teach and demonstrate his skills with manipulation items such as coins, cards, thimbles and candles.

Dean has also made teaching videos for fellow magicians, each demonstrating his manipulative work. The videos include his award-winning floating ball routine and also one for the ancient old classic of magic The Chinese Linking Rings.

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The Magician and the Artist

Dean’s passion for close-up magic has never wavered after all these years. The only difference now is that to meet the demand for his skills, he performs his magic as a wedding magician and also as a corporate magician, that’s in addition to the stage magic.

He is driven by such a passion and such a commitment to perfection that the result is breathtaking. Whether performing his award-winning manipulation skills at small, “parlour-magic” evenings or causing jaws to drop in larger stage events, his attention to detail is unsurpassed. Dean will bring a sophistication to an event that is so often missing from today’s modern, gimmicky world of TV Illusionists.