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    The History of The Magic of Dean

    About Dean Metcalfe and The Magic of Dean

    Dean Metcalfe – From Humble Beginnings

    Following a childhood spent practising close-up magic in front of his parents, London-born magician Dean Metcalfe quickly rose to the very pinnacle of his profession. At just 15 years of age, Dean won the Young Magician of the Year, the youngest ever winner awarded by the prestigious Magic Circle in London. As a result, he was soon stunning audiences across the world with his cut-glass performances.

    Dean Metcalfe with Young Magician Award
    A Young Dean Metcalfe with his coveted Young Magician of the Year trophy

    Dean and Claudine – A New Sensual Act

    The Dean Metcalfe solo act was soon to become a double act. While he was performing in cabaret on the island of Jersey one time, he met a girl called Claudine and the two became inseparable.

    With Claudine by his side, a new and most sensual act developed that raised more than a few eyebrows. They were quickly in demand as the No. 1 speciality act at top UK nightclubs.

    The Dean & Claudine double-act became a huge success and they worked every major top nightclub around with their daring sensual visual experience.

    Soon, they would be touring across Europe and the Far East with their unique act.

    Dean And Claudine Club Shot

    The World Meets The Magic of Dean


    Dean and Claudine with Billy Connolly
    Dean and Claudine with Billy Connolly at George Savva’s Nightclub in Usk, Wales

    The Magic of Dean Goes Global

    Dean’s refined stage magic act with Claudine ultimately took them all over the world. To the luxury cruise ships of Europe and Miami, private clubs in China and Japan, and to the stage at Casino Royal in Paris. They have travelled the world and shared the stage with Freddie Starr, Billy Connolly and Sir Cliff Richard.

    Subsequently, they went on to support Billy Connolly many times and even went out to Dubai to make a guest appearance with him.

    Dean And Claudine With Hale And Pace
    Dean and Claudine With Hale and Pace

    And they’ve even performed with Hale & Pace too…

    From the Magic of Madagascar…

    As a young man Dean Metcalfe always loved performing close up magic and was doing so way before any of its current popularity on TV. Here Dean is seen astounding some locals on the island of Madagascar, Africa.

    You can’t get any more far removed from the glamour and lights than this!

    Dean In Madagascar
    Dean showing his magic to the locals in Madagascar
    Dean In Hong Kong
    Dean outside a club in Hong Kong

    …to the Magic of Hong Kong

    The Magic of Dean have been engaged to perform so far away as Japan, China, Syria, Africa, Dubai as well as obscure places like the Falkland Islands where their slick stage acts were popular with the British Forces.

    Here is a photo of Dean outside the club in Hong Kong.


    The Magic of Teaching

    Right from a young age, Dean Metcalfe was a regular feature at Magician’s Magic Conventions. As well as performing, he would teach and demonstrate his skills with manipulation items such as coins, cards, thimbles and candles.

    Dean has also made teaching videos for fellow magicians, each demonstrating his manipulative work. The videos include his award winning floating ball routine and also one for the ancient old classic of magic The Chinese Linking Rings.

    Magician Teaching Videos 001Magician Teaching Videos 002

    Dean Lecturing For Magicians

    Raise A Glass with Dean Metcalfe


    Raise a glass to a better class of magic from Dean Metcalfe, a magician you will never forget!

    The Magician and the Artist

    Many people have talent. Some people, like Dean Metcalfe, have talent and passion. Dean has had both since he was a small boy.

    Dean’s passion for close up magic has never wavered after all these years. The only difference now is that, to meet demand for his skills, he performs his magic as a wedding magician and also as a corporate magician, that’s in addition to the stage magic.

    He is driven by such a passion and such a commitment to perfection that the result is breath-taking. Whether performing his award-winning manipulation skills at small, “parlour-magic” evenings, or causing jaws to drop in larger stage events, his attention to detail is unsurpassed. Dean will bring a sophistication to an event that is so often missing from today’s modern, gimmicky world of TV Illusionists.